Delta Dental of Michigan

Master's Thesis Award Recipients


Congratulations to the 2012 award recipients!


The University of Michigan School of Dentistry

  • Dr. Thamer Almohareb, "In Vitro Fluoride Release and Recharge of New Conventional Glass Ionomer Cement Coated with Nano Filled Resin."
  • Dr. Areej Ibraham Al Hawarini, "Effect of Coping Design on the Fracture Resistance of Porcelain-fused to Crowns."
  • Dr. Kevin Aminzadeh, "Influence of Abutment Substrate Color of Monolithic CAD/CAM Lithium Disilicate Prosthesis."
  • Dr. Kevin Chung, "Biomarkers for Orthodontic Root Resorption."
  • Dr. Kristin Ellsworth, "Effect of Combining Music with Oral Hygiene Instruction During Toothbrushing in Preschool Children."
  • Dr. Vasiliki Maseli, "Edge Strength of Porcelain Inlays."
  • Dr. Robert Wiesen, "The Role of Periostin in Dentinogenesis."
  • Dr. Xianli Tang, "A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Regenerative Protocols to Treat Immature Necrotic Teeth."

Indiana University School of Dentistry

  • Dr. Carter McCrae, "Comparison of the Fracture Resistance of a Full Ceramic Primary Crown vs. Two Types of Primary Esthetic Stainless Steel Crowns."
  • Dr. Maria Fernanda Hamilton, "Effect of Nylon 6 and Chitosan Electrospun Nanofibers in the Mechanical and Antibacterial Properties of Experimental Resin-base Sealants, an In Vitro Study." 
  • Dr. Sayij Makkkattil, "Differential Expression of Peptidoglycan Receptor Proteins in Chronic Periodontitis When Compared to Healthy Tissue."
  • Dr. Anthony Griglione, "Propolis as a Potential Disinfectant Against Fusobacterium Nucleatum and Endodontic Pathogen."
  • Dr. Matthew Joseph Rowe, "Development and Characterization of a Dimensionally Stable and Bioactive Electrospun Membrane for Periodontal Regeneration."
  • Dr. Eman A. Alshehri, "Influence of Prosphoric Acid Surface Treatment and Different Ceramic Primers on Shear Bond Strength of Resin Dement to Zirconia-based Ceramic After Aging."
  • Dr. Christopher Walsh, "Acceptance of Behavior Guidance Techniques Used in Pediatric Dentistry by Parents Across Diverse Backgrounds."