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Dentist from Greenwood Village awarded Patrick P. Gribben Jr. Community Commitment Award

$25,000 award recognizes dentist for committing to work in high-needs community

Okemos, Michigan— The Delta Dental Foundation awarded the 2017 Patrick P. Gribben Jr. Community Commitment Award of $25,000 to Dr. Lance Swapp of Greenwood Village, Colorado.
Swapp was recognized with the award for his efforts in providing much needed dental care to children and adults in an underserved area in Michigan.
Swapp was selected for the award by faculty of the University of Michigan (U of M) School of Dentistry because of his commitment to service, even long before attending U of M.

“His admirable contributions to local and international communities, motivation for making a difference, and strong interest in excellent patient care make him a well-deserving recipient of the Delta Dental Foundation’s Patrick P. Gribben Jr. Community Commitment Award,” said Dr. Renée Duff, Assistant Dean for Students Services.

“It is part of Lance's DNA fiber to be a community servant,” added Dr. Bill Piskorowski, Assistant Dean for Community-Based Dental Education.

Swapp is currently committed to practicing at My Community Dental Centers in Mt. Pleasant and is looking forward to calling Michigan home with his family.

“Getting into dental school has been a dream of mine since graduating high school. I am excited now to graduate dental school and move on to the next chapter of my life,” Swapp said.

“The Delta Dental Foundation is proud to award Dr. Swapp the Patrick P. Gribben Jr. Community Commitment Award,” said Teri Battaglieri, director, Delta Dental Foundation. “This award recognizes his dedication to increasing access to care in a community where children and adults might otherwise not be able to receive the regular dental care they need.”
The award honors the memory of Patrick P. Gribben Jr., who served for 25 years as the president and chief executive officer of Delta Dental of Michigan and later as President of the Delta Dental Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the oral and overall health of the children and adults in the community.
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