Dental Master's Thesis Award Program

Dental Master's Thesis Award Program

The Delta Dental Foundation (DDF) invites master of science students at dental schools in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana to submit proposals for the Dental Master’s Thesis Award Program. This program is intended to encourage thesis research that is of direct relevance to the costs or outcomes of dental care.

The Dental Master’s Thesis Award offers up to $3,000 to cover costs associated with the conduct of master’s thesis research. Applications may be submitted at any time.

  • These funds can cover materials, supplies and rental of necessary equipment.
  • Salaries, wages, indirect costs and the purchase of equipment will not be covered.
  • A detailed budget with justification for expenditures is required.
  • Partial funding may be approved, dependent on reasonableness of the budget and availability of funds.
  • A copy of the final thesis must be provided to DDF upon its completion.

How to apply

Complete the Dental Master's Thesis Award grant application and prepare the following information:

  • A proposal, no longer than three pages, that includes a description of the proposed project, starting with a one-paragraph project summary. Justification of sample size, including power calculations, should be included.
  • A budget, listing all expenses to be covered by these funds, with justification for each major category. If human subjects are to be involved, enclose a copy of the Human Subjects Review Committee approval.
  • A letter of endorsement from the thesis committee chair. This letter should acknowledge that the proposed research has been evaluated for scientific merit and has been approved as the basis for the master’s thesis.

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For more information, contact the DDF at:

Phone: 517-347-5333
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