Medicaid Changes Ahead

Significant changes are coming to Medicaid, and Delta Dental of Michigan is excited to be part of this historical moment in Michigan oral health care.

Under the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Medicaid redesign, providers will see fee increases, and Medicaid beneficiaries will see expanded dental benefits. 

  • Reimbursement rates will increase April 1 for some services through managed care plans such as Healthy Kids Dental, Healthy Michigan Plan and MI Health Link. Delta Dental has had a longstanding philosophy of keeping Medicaid reimbursement fees closely matched with commercial fees, and we applaud these changes.
  • Also coming April 1, we’ll see the removal of age limitations from certain Healthy Michigan Plan services, such as crowns and root canals, with these services extended to traditional adult Medicaid beneficiaries. Additionally, much-needed periodontal services will be available through CDT codes D4341, D4342 and D4910. 

The expansion of dental benefits is life-changing for many.

While there’s much to celebrate, know that we continue to advocate for further improvements for both providers and beneficiaries. 

In the coming weeks, watch for more updates from us on Medicaid redesign. 

Thank you for building healthy communities across our state!