Getting Started With Your Benefits

You have Delta Dental benefits, but now what? Let us help you better understand your benefits and how to use them.

Learn about your coverage

When you are enrolled in a dental plan, you will receive welcome materials. These documents will explain which procedures are covered, what your plan will help pay for, copayment and deductible amounts, and any waiting periods. View your coverage 24/7 with the Delta Dental Mobile App or Member Portal.

Make a dentist appointment

Use our dentist search to find an in-network dentist near you. Remember, choosing an in-network dentist will save you the most money.

Provide your benefits information

Tell the dental office you have Delta Dental benefits. If you have a Delta Dental reference or ID card, you can show it when you arrive for your appointment. You do not need a card to receive care.

SMILE TIP: You can get a digital ID card in the Delta Dental Mobile App or download a copy from Member Portal.

Receive dental care

After your treatment, you will pay your copay or coinsurance, if it applies.

In-network dentists will file claims for you

No claims paperwork is just one benefit of choosing a participating Delta Dental dentist. If you select a nonparticipating dentist, you may have to pay the dental office and then file your own claim forms for reimbursement.

Delta Dental will pay its portion of the bill

If you visit a Delta Dental participating dentist, payment will be made directly to the dental office. When you go to a nonparticipating dentist, Delta Dental will send the payment to you.  

Receive your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Your EOB statement will explain what will be paid by Delta Dental and what amount you may owe your dentist. It is not a bill.

SMILE TIP: Better understand your EOB by reading “Your EOB explained.”


Continue good oral health habits at home between dental visits. Brush twice a day, for two minutes each time, and floss daily. Visit LifeSmileTM Wellness for oral and overall health tips.

View helpful videos, common terms and more by visiting the Dental Benefits 101 section.