Passport Dental


Traveling abroad with Passport Dental

Finding an expert dentist while traveling outside of the United States doesn’t have to be complicated. Delta Dental’s Passport Dental program makes it easy to receive dental care almost anywhere in the world using the AXA Assistance worldwide referral network of dentists and clinics.

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When outside of the United States
Call AXA Assistance collect at: 312-356-5971

When inside the United States
Call AXA Assistance toll-free at: 888-558-2705

What to do:

  1. Find a dentist. Call AXA Assistance at 312-356-5971 to receive a referral. Identify yourself as a Delta Dental member. If you’re in the U.S., call 888-558-2705.

  2. Find out which services are covered. Most Delta Dental members can receive dental treatment for regular and emergency care according to the terms of their Delta Dental coverage. Note: Dentists referred by AXA Assistance are not Delta Dental participating dentists. Members who are covered under any Delta Dental program that limits their coverage when they see a nonparticipating dentist will also have limited coverage when they see a dentist referred by AXA Assistance.

  3. Submit a claim. When services are provided by dentists in the AXA Assistance referral network, members must pay for their treatment and request a detailed receipt so they can submit a claim to Delta Dental for reimbursement upon returning to the U.S. Be sure the receipt includes:

    • Dentist’s name and address
    • Description of services performed (including teeth treated)
    • The charges and whether they were billed in dollars or local currency

Once claims are submitted, Delta Dental will reimburse members according to the terms and conditions of their existing coverage.