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If you aren’t currently taking advantage of Delta Dental’s FREE Dental Office Toolkit™, now is the time.

Delta Dental providers can immediately take advantage of the many benefits of the Dental Office Toolkit™ (DOT), including electronic claim submission. This is especially important if you are affected by the cyberattack against Change Healthcare, that impacted their ability to transact claims.

Signing up for DOT is easy! Here are a few common questions:

Is Delta Dental's Dental Office Toolkit impacted by the Change Healthcare cybersecurity incident?

No. DOT is not impacted. 

When will the Change Healthcare issues be resolved?

No timeline has been provided by Change Healthcare. Status updates can be found here.

Why is an issue with Change Healthcare impacting my interactions with Delta Dental?

Change Healthcare, one of the largest health care technology companies in the United States, is responding to a cybersecurity incident. The incident began on February 21 and is disrupting a number of Change Healthcare’s systems and services, according to a statement posted on its website.

As a result, if your office utilizes Change Healthcare, claim submission to Delta Dental stopped as of February 21. Also, due to this cybersecurity incident, Change HealthCare is unable to provide Delta Dental access to the attachments submitted with claims received prior to connections being severed by Change Healthcare, making it impossible to adjudicate those claims.

In addition, payments for claims received from Change HealthCare that were processed by Delta Dental on or after February 20 and paid through electronic funds transfer will be deposited into providers’ bank accounts but Change Healthcare is unable to transmit the electronic remittance advice back to the provider.  

Will you accept paper claims?

Paper claims are acceptable, however, the use of DOT eliminates the need for paper claims and is much faster, easier and more efficient.

How does DOT handle attachments?

All users can attach documents directly in DOT when filling out a new claim. No additional action is needed for users to utilize the functionality and the following formats are accepted: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PDF.

Do I need to sign a contract or make a commitment to use Delta Dental’s Dental Office Toolkit exclusively?

No—simply signing up and agreeing to the terms of service online is all that is needed.

Am I required to be a participating Delta Dental provider to use the system?

No. DOT is available to all dental offices. 

Am I required to sign an agreement to use DOT exclusively?

No. There is no requirement to use DOT exclusively.

Are there any fees associated with signing up for DOT or using DOT to submit claims?

No. DOT is a free service made available to all providers and there are no hidden fees or charges.

I have never used DOT before, I need help to get started.

You can create your login and find directions here. In addition, feel free to call our help line at 800-524-0149. Our agents are happy to walk you through the process.

What states can utilize the Dental Office Toolkit?

The Dental Office Toolkit™ (DOT) can be utilized to view information and submit claims for the following Delta Dental entities:

  • Delta Dental of Michigan
  • Delta Dental of Ohio
  • Delta Dental of Indiana
  • Delta Dental of North Carolina
  • Delta Dental of Arkansas
  • Delta Dental of Kentucky
  • Delta Dental of Nebraska
  • Delta Dental of New Mexico
  • Delta Dental of Minnesota
  • Delta Dental of Tennessee
  • Delta Dental of Arizona
  • Delta Dental of Wisconsin (Medicare Advantage ONLY)

How fast are claims processed?

Most claims are processed within seconds.

How fast are claims paid?

By utilizing DOT, claims are paid quickly. For those offices opting to enroll in electronic funds transfer, you can expect payments to be delivered directly into your bank account within 24-48 hours.

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