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Having a healthy mouth is smart. Kids may miss less school, make friends more easily, speak more clearly and learn better in class when they have healthy teeth and mouths.

The Healthy Kids Dental program (HKD), administered in part by Delta Dental, helps Michigan children under the age of 21 with Medicaid have healthy, happy smiles—at no cost to you.

Finding dental care is easy with HKD, because eight out of 10 dentists across the state accept it. So if you have HKD, make sure you use your benefit.

NOTE: The MIChild program has merged with Healthy Kids Dental administered by Delta Dental. Your benefits have not changed.

Are you a Delta Dental participating HKD dentist?

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Verification of eligibility on the date of service of each Delta Dental HKD patient is essential as eligibility for these patients may change frequently. If you do not check eligibility on the date of service for a Delta Dental HKD patient before you begin treatment, and deliver services to an ineligible patient, you cannot receive reimbursement from Delta Dental and cannot bill the patient for the services. If you have not already done so, please set up a process where you check your Delta Dental HKD patients’ eligibility on their appointment days.