Research and Data Institute

The Research and Data Institute (RDI) was established in 2005 so Delta Dental of Michigan could provide researchers and scientists with resources to support high-quality, innovative research to improve oral health and overall health.

Those resources include an extensive claims database and expert data analysis by a staff of actuaries, statisticians, epidemiologists, economists and dentists who work together to effectively analyze and examine data, trends and outcomes in dental science.

From proof-of-concept projects through multiyear groundbreaking trials, the RDI has a proven track record of successfully partnering with some of the largest university and biotech research facilities in the country to produce studies that are empirically sound and highly regarded.

The largest claims database in the country

As a result of specializing in dental benefits for more than 60 years, Delta Dental has developed a breadth of experience and a collection of resource data that rivals the size of the estimated print content of the Library of Congress. We routinely partner with our large customer groups, many of whom we have served for decades, to utilize data that allows us to track members over extended periods of time. As a result of our dedicated research collaborations, our claims data experience can provide valuable insight into oral health status, care utilization and treatment patterns.

It’s all about the data

The RDI has immediate access to a robust collection of longitudinal dental claims data, which includes:*

  • 892 million dental treatments spanning more than 970 unique procedures
  • 35 years of history and all 50 states
  • 14.5 million total members across all age cohorts
  • More than 1.4 million subscribers with at least 10 years of continuous coverage and more than 430,000 subscribers with 15 years or more

*Delta Dental of Michigan, June 2021.

Learn more

To learn more about the RDI and how our resources can support your work, contact Dr. Jeffery Johnston, director of the RDI and chief science officer at Delta Dental of Michigan, at 517-381-4730 or