Special Benefits

Delta Dental was the pioneer in using evidence-based research to design our dental plans. In doing so, we helped establish standards now followed by the entire industry.

Through our Research and Data Institute, we closely monitor and assess scientific findings, and we incorporate changes in plan designs when we are convinced they improve health and better allocate scarce health dollars.

Many of our newer benefits are designed to improve the health of people with specific health conditions where oral disease may put their systemic health at risk.

High-risk medical conditions

Delta Dental offers enhanced dental coverage for members with certain high-risk medical conditions, including people with diabetes and gum disease, pregnant women with gum disease, patients with kidney failure, those with compromised immune systems, and patients with certain heart conditions.
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Early detection of oral cancer

Delta Dental offers a benefit to help detect and prevent oral cancer. The benefit covers a diagnostic test called the BrushTest (oral brush biopsy), which can detect early oral cancer and abnormal cells that may become cancerous.
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High-risk cardiac conditions

Delta Dental is enhancing dental coverage for members with certain heart conditions to help them avoid infective endocarditis, a deadly heart infection. Based on scientific evidence, this benefit was developed to help at-risk individuals better maintain their oral health to reduce bacteria levels in the mouth in an effort to lower their risk for infective endocarditis. The enhanced benefit includes coverage of up to four teeth cleanings per benefit year, instead of the typical two, for individuals with heart conditions that place them at high or moderate risk for developing infective endocarditis.
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