CHAMPS Enrollment

As part of Affordable Care Act requirements, providers and businesses who accept Healthy Kids Dental or Healthy Michigan Plan patients must enroll in the Michigan Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (CHAMPS).

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) will not allow Delta Dental to make payment on claims for Healthy Kids Dental or Healthy Michigan Plan patients if the business where services were rendered is not enrolled in CHAMPS.

Follow instructions in the sections below for provider and business enrollment.


Provider enrollment

Visit the MDHHS Provider Enrollment website to follow the “getting started” steps, and view helpful enrollment guides and Medicaid resources.

On the website, you will determine if your enrollment type is Group, Individual Sole Proprietor, or Rendering and Servicing. If you are enrolling as a Rendering and Servicing Provider with the associate billing provider being Delta Dental, Delta Dental’s provider ID number is 4181610.

Providers who are Group or Individual Sole Proprietors are required to register with the Statewide Integrated Governmental Management Application (SIGMA) before enrolling in CHAMPS. A link is provided on the MDHHS Provider Enrollment website. Once registered with SIGMA, you will receive a vendor ID required for CHAMPS enrollment. Please allow three to five business days for the vendor ID to be recognized by CHAMPS.

You will then follow steps to create a MILogin account, which is how you will access CHAMPS.


Business enrollment

Failure to enroll in CHAMPS will cause your claims to eventually be denied not chargeable to the patient.

Before enrolling in CHAMPS, you must enroll in the State of Michigan’s SIGMA Vendor Self Service to obtain a Vendor Customer ID number.

Click to follow step-by-step instructions for SIGMA enrollment. A new user vendor guide is also available here. Following your SIGMA enrollment, you will receive a new Vendor Customer ID. This will be required to complete your CHAMPS business enrollment.

If you have questions about SIGMA, contact the State of Michigan VSS (SOM VSS) Support Center at or 1-888-734-9749. 

After you have completed SIGMA enrollment and received your new vendor customer ID, you can complete your business CHAMPS enrollment.

When enrolling in CHAMPS, we encourage you to request a start date that is one year prior to your enrollment date.

Click here to visit the Group section of the MDHHS Health Care Providers page. There you will find the CHAMPS Enrollment Application: Group User Guide, which provides links and enrollment instructions. Additional resources and guides are also available on this site.