With more than 60 years of experience, our family of companies comprises the nation's largest and most experienced dental benefits carrier. We specialize in delivering the best possible value to our customers for their dental benefits dollars—and the millions of people we serve.


Delta Dental saves clients and members hundreds of millions of dollars each year by continually finding better, more efficient ways to conduct business.


Three out of four dentists nationwide participate in one or more of the Delta Dental networks, giving Delta Dental the nation’s largest network of participating dentists.*


Delta Dental of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana delivers unmatched quality and expertise in our programs and services. 

Delta Dental offers hassle-free customer service, and 99 percent of all claims are processed within 10 business days.


We have an advantage that none of our competitors can come close to matching—the world’s most comprehensive collection of dental claims data, along with a staff of experts dedicated to analyzing and interpreting it. Through our Research and Data Institute, we transform this data into information that reduces our customers’ health care costs and improves our members’ oral health.


Delta Dental keeps clients and members happy—we routinely retain more than 98 percent of our business annually, and our most recent member satisfaction survey indicated that 97 percent of our members would recommend us to others.

*Delta Dental Plans Association