Returning to the Dentist

dentist wearing mask

If you had a dental appointment that was canceled because of COVID-19, or if you’re due for a cleaning, you may get a call from your dental office to schedule soon. Regular dental appointments are key to maintaining good oral health, but we understand you may be nervous to step back in the dental office. Dentists have always practiced strict infection control procedures, and have made even more changes to keep patients and their staff safe.

Before you go

Your dentist office may call you before your appointment and ask you questions about your health and recent travel. If you have felt unwell, they may ask you to reschedule. Each office may follow different procedures for welcoming patients back, so it’s important to talk to your dentist ahead of time and understand the process. For example, they may ask you to wait in the car until your appointment time or take your temperature upon arrival. If your state requires or recommends that you to wear a face mask in public, you should plan to wear one to your appointment.

At your appointment

Your dentist has stepped up cleaning and sanitizing efforts throughout the office. Magazines, books and toys may have been removed from the waiting area, and some offices may ask that you use sanitizer when you arrive. In the exam area, your dental team may also have more personal protection equipment on, such as face shields, a different mask, goggles, a gown and more.


If you have any questions after your appointment, make sure you call your dentist to discuss them. And as always, continue to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, and floss daily, to help keep your smile healthy between dental cleanings.

Dental offices and patients are navigating this return together. Remember to be patient, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or voice concerns so that you and your dental team can work together


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