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Save BIG with Dental Office Deals Sponsored by Delta Dental! Dental Office Deals is an exclusive benefit for Delta Dental network providers. We are excited to offer our participating providers the opportunity to save on everyday expenses.

Deals for Delta Dental PPOTM participating dentists

Wireless services

Obtain discounts of 22 to 25 percent on eligible monthly wireless service charges with AT&T and Sprint. Discounts are available to dental practitioners and their employees, even if you are a current customer.

Office supplies

Reduce office supply expense by more than 40 percent with two leading companies, Staples and Office Depot/OfficeMax. With access to hundreds of products and online ordering, overhead expense and purchase time can be reduced. Staples has added 1,400 discounted break room supplies to your selection as well.


Your office probably ships with FedEx. Now, you can obtain steep discounts with FedEx for overnight shipping and for ground service from 35 percent to 52 percent off. Convert your existing account or open a new one. Discounts like these are normally available to only high volume shippers.

Payroll services

The payroll process is time-consuming and frequently prone to errors. Dental Office Deals has partnered with one of the premier providers for payroll and HR services—ADP, and they are offering a flat rate of $115 per month for all payroll services. Consider the peace of mind ADP can provide and the opportunity for more focus on direct patient care.


Thinking of adding an AED to your practice or considering replacing the one you have? You can obtain an exclusive discount on this pricy piece of equipment as a network provider. AED professionals can help you understand what model is most appropriate for your practice and provide you with a great discount on the device of your choice.

Computer equipment

Connection and Insight offer a complete inventory of IT equipment, including more than 150,000 brand-name products, at a discounted rate
for Dental Office Deals members. Connection and Insight will be able to compete on cost
and far exceed the level of expertise you are currently receiving.

Dental services

Dental Compliance Specialists offers our members chart reviews by a highly trained dental health care compliance officer. Make sure your patient records adhere to state, local, federal and program requirements. Members receive 15 percent off these consulting services.

Dental instruments

Komet USA is offering discounts on a variety of rotary instruments ranging from 45 to 56 percent off retail on carbides; 38 to 62 percent off diamonds, and 47 percent off endo files.

True Spin offers members faster, less expensive hand piece repair. All members will receive 15 percent off their regular pricing.

Dental supplies

Midwest Dental is an authorized distributor of dental supplies from all of the major manufacturers. They offer our members competitive group pricing that is usually reserved for large dental practices.

HealthFirst supplies emergency medical kits and helps ensure medications are always up-to-date through auto-replenishment. There is a predictable cost for the ongoing support of the kits, which includes replacing any medications at no charge when used in an emergency.

Continuing education

Online CE credit courses are offered through Proctor & Gamble at no cost to dentists, dental assistants, hygienists and front office staff. D.A.C.E. (Dental Academy of Continuing Education) offers current CE courses at 25 percent off of their course rates.

Water delivery

Nestle Waters is offering commercial water service to dental practices at a 60 percent discount. All three water products—spring water, purified water and distilled water—are available, as well as coolers. Make the highest quality water available to your patients and staff. Employees can also receive a discount on home water service. (Not available in all geographical areas.)

DS Services Waters is waiving their service contract requirement for Dental Office Deals members, so there is no monthly purchase obligation. Their five-gallon bottled water is priced at $3.99 each for purified, distilled and spring water. DS Services’ water delivery is administered by Staples Business Advantage.

Dental Laboratories

Mabel Dental Lab and DDS Labs offer steep discounts to practices seeking to control their dental laboratory expense. Mabel Dental will consistently beat Glidewelland DDS lab offers an across the board
25 percent discount.

Credit Card Processing

Valued Merchant Services (VMS) is an unusual credit card processing company. They are transparent, offer excellent customer service and extremely low processing fees—depending on your card types, their fees usually fall in the low 2 percent range. Let them provide a fee comparison at no cost.

Oral Health Evaluation

Previsor offers dental practices a free license for their software, which can evaluate the risk of caries and periodontal disease in a patient base. It takes only a few minutes and can streamline communication with patients.


Pricing Comparison for Delta Dental PPO Dentists (partial list)



Delta Dental


Crown &

Semi-Precious PFM

$149 plus metal

$109 plus metal


High-Noble PFM

$149 plus metal

$112 plus



Empress Laminate




Empress Crown








Porcelain to Zirconia





Dental Design Studios 1 Denture




Dental Design Studios 1 Partial









Upper or Lower Hawley




Band and Loop




Invisible Retainer
(per arch)




*Per unit pricing


GENERAL NOTES: Prices rounded to the nearest dollar. Pricing valid as of 1/1/17 and is subject to change. All discounted services listed may not be a covered benefit through the patient's group Delta Dental plan.

For more information and a FREE starter kit, contact Tabitha Hans from Dental Design Studios at 866-525-1070.

1 This discount program is strictly optional. Delta Dental PPO dentists are free to use any lab they wish.
2 Original restoration/prostheses must be returned to Dental Design Studios for offer to apply.
3 Industry standard—10 percent.

Mabel Dental Lab

Delta Dental of Michigan, Ohio, ad Indiana has partnered with Mabel Dental Lab tto provide Delta Dental PPOTM participating dentists with exclusive discount pricing on laboratory needs. As the leading dental benefits provider in the Midwest, Delta Dental has made it a priority to deliver the best customer service and benefits to our dentists, and this is one more way we are able to continue this commitment.

Mabel Dental Lab is a full-service and family operated dental laboratory that has provides dentists with high quality products. Located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, the lab was co-founded by a dentist and his son, with over 40 years' experience. Mabel Dental Lab uses only FDA-approved materials and is also part of the IdentAlloy program. With a remake factor of less than 2 percent2, Mabel Dental Lab is confident in its ability to provide dentists with consistent quality, affordable and timely restoration with personalized service to help you retain and attract patients. percent2

Pricing Comparison for Delta Dental PPO Dentists (partial list)



Delta Dental


Crown & Bridge* Semi-Precious PFM




High-Noble PFM




Cosmetic Zicornia Crown $115 $99 14%
IPS e.max Press Crown $125 $105 16%
Removable Full Denture




Cast Metal Partial




Flexible Partial




*Per unit pricing


GENERAL NOTES: Prices rounded to the nearest dollar. Pricing valid as of 1/1/20 and is subject to change. All discounted services listed may not be a covered benefit through the patient's group Delta Dental plan.

For more information and a FREE starter kit, contact Mabel Dental Lab at 877-622-3533 or mail@mabeldental.com.

1 This discount program is strictly optional. Delta Dental dentists are free to use any lab they wish.
2 Industry standard—10 percent.

Entertainment discounts

Purchase discounted tickets to select performances of some of the hottest Broadway shows at Wharton Center, Michigan’s largest performing arts venue. In addition, you can gain access to some of the best seats before the general public. Visit our discount page on the Wharton Center's website to buy tickets. (Password DELTADENTAL).

For more information, contact Chick Cowan at 972-342-5984 or chick.cowan@theuda.com, or visit www.dentalofficedeals.com.

NOTE: These discount programs and promotions are provided as a courtesy to participating dentists. Delta Dental is not affiliated with or sponsored or endorsed by the companies providing discounts or their products, and does not make any representations, provide any warranties, or assume any liability or responsibility relating to the use of such products and services. All discount programs and promotions are strictly optional. Offers are subject to change.