Dental Emergencies

What should I do in case of a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is a service needed to control bleeding, relieve pain, get rid of acute infection, prevent loss of teeth, and treat injuries. If a dental emergency happens, call your dental office and ask what you should do. If the emergency is life threatening, call 911.

If you currently do not have a regular dentist, call Delta Dental’s customer service at 866-696-7441 or go use our find a dentist online search portal to find a dentist near you. If you are calling after hours, call 866-696-7441 for helpful recorded information and connection to our emergency service if needed.

If you are not in Michigan when a dental emergency happens, you can make a toll-free call 24/7 to Delta Dental’s customer service at 866-696-7441 for help finding a dentist. If your child has a dental emergency outside of Michigan, the HKD program will cover the service even if the dentist is not a Delta Dental HKD dentist. A prior authorization is not needed for emergency services.

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