Transition of Care

If you previously received Medicaid dental benefits from another Medicaid dental plan and want to see if your current dentist is part of the Delta Dental HKD network, please call customer service at 866-696-7441 or use to our Find a Dentist tool.

If in the previous 6 months you were undergoing treatment with a different Medicaid sponsored plan and changing dentists would pose a serious risk to your health, you, or your representative, may request (verbally or in writing) continuity of care by contacting Delta Dental customer service who will refer the case to Delta Dental’s team of care coordinator and dental specialists for evaluation.

If it is determined that an interruption in your current care will lead to harmful results, Delta Dental, based on medical necessity, will allow you to continue seeing your current dentist and honor previously authorized services covered under the HKD plan for 90 days from the date your original eligibility was lost.  

Examples of transition of care in the source of your Medicaid dental benefits are:

  • Going from Medicaid Fee-for-Service to HKD administered by Delta Dental.
  • Going from a different dental plan to HKD administered by Delta Dental.
  • Going from HKD administered by Delta Dental to a different dental plan.

View the Transition of Care Policy.

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